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After Ian took early retirement in 2016 we embarked on a new phase of our lives. Leaving (paid) work means, for us, more opportunity to do more of what we like, having a good day every day, staying fit and healthy, learning new skills, ‘giving back’, taking on new projects, meeting new people, spending quality time with our family, regularly catching up with old friends and looking to make new ones, however fleetingly, taking extended trips near and far, chasing the sun, walking the dogs, keeping stress levels down…..

We’re setting-out to see and photograph even more of our beautiful world and to enjoy many more moments filled with wonder and, we hope, lots of laughter, good food and nice wine. We may be RE TIRED but “we’RE not TIRED” for new adventures!

These are some of our experiences, photographs and musings along the way.

Paula Ferris
Ian Ferris
Ian Paula Ferris
Ian Paula Ferris

Paula Ferris

Since Ian and I have been together (now over 30 years) we have tried to take advantage of every opportunity life has offered us. This has led to an exciting time together including fourteen house moves, bringing-up our daughters in Asia, lots of travel and many other adventures. We feel very lucky but the highlights for me are, of course, our two beautiful, amazing and successful daughters and our ‘new’ sons-in-law. I also made a major career change many years’ ago from working for an oil company (where Ian & I met), gaining my degree then joining a fantastic team in Bristol helping children with difficulties achieve their life potential, a very satisfying but emotionally draining career. More recently, when we were asked to move back to London for Ian’s next major project, I project-managed our new house build, something we had both dreamed of doing since we first started planning our lives together. Now we are both ‘post work’ (I don’t like to call it retirement!) we are determined to make the most of this new phase of our lives and we’ll enjoy sharing some of our exploits here in case visitors find them interesting, useful or amusing.

Ian Ferris

I enjoyed (almost) every minute of an IT career which I undertook for nearly 40 years. What I hadn’t imagined when I started out, way back when, was that I’d work with so many remarkable, friendly and dedicated people all over the world, with very different backgrounds, cultures and languages. It also gave my family and me the opportunity to live in Singapore for many years, and have so many amazing adventures that it certainly helped shape who we all are today. We have all worked hard, travelled widely and seen so much of this beautiful world. We’ve snatched every opportunity, been extremely fortunate, have two wonderful grown-up daughters, remained in good health and laughed a lot along the way. Fabulous.

But that was then and this is now. Our hope is for a fun, healthy, exciting and reasonably sustainable retirement lifestyle with a light footprint, lots more laughter, friendly interactions, taking only photographs and leaving good impressions. I love travel and adventures and projects and technology and learning and meeting new people and finding stuff out so I won’t stop any of that just because I’m retired. For me, developing this website is an opportunity to add to my long list of ‘learning challenges’, something I’ll write about here one day, and it’ll provide a convenient & useful way for us to share some of what we are doing and our musings along the way, without using Facebook, Medium, et al.

Welcome to we’REnotTIRED.

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