Many thanks to Ged for letting me have copies of the photos he took whilst we were in Tuscany, many of which I have put here for all to view.†


Depending on the speed of your PC and internet link these albums may take a little while to first load but when they are ready navigation is quite easy.


From the album screen, hover the mouse over any photo and use your mouse scroll wheel to move forwards and backwards through the album pictures, or use the right and left keyboard buttons. Alternatively, with your mouse, move the slider below the pictures slowly to the right/left to scroll through them.


To see any photo full size, just click on it. You can then move forwards or backwards through the album by hovering your mouse on the right/left hand side of any full-size photo and clicking a small arrow tab that will show itself.


To start a slide show, click on the first album picture youíd like to see in the slide show to show it full size. At the bottom of† the photo, near the numbers, is a small arrowhead. Click this to start the slide show. Click it again to stop the slide show.


Click the X at the bottom of each picture to return to the album, then the ĎBackí arrow on your browser to return to this page.


Note that the photo quality shown on these web photo copies is necessarily much lower than the original photos.


Do let me know what you think!




Tuscany, April 2008